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HumanSoft Wins Top HR Services by Clutch in 2021

It’s not a surprise when we say the SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) and the IT industries are both growing exponentially by the day. Use this chance to maximize your potential with HumanSoft, where we dream with you to achieve your success.

Our team of HR consultants is proud to announce that we have been recognized by Clutch, the rising star of the ratings and reviews industry, as one of the top HR services for 2021.

“For us, being recognized by Clutch, one of the most important B2B rating & review platforms, is not only an honor but it’s something that makes us want to keep going and be better every day so we can keep cultivating business and, why not, personal relationships with and for our clients.”

-Joyce Fallas, CEO of HumanSoft

Our HR consultants have been working hard since 2012, so we are truly amazed to have received such a prestigious award from a well-renowned company like Clutch.

Clutch is respected within the B2B space for connecting its small, mid-market, and enterprise business with service providers like us that could cater to their needs.

Our partnership with Clutch inspired us to continue our work through our dedicated profile on their platform, where we achieved an overall rating of 4.5 stars by our most esteemed clients!

"HumanSoft was our ally for recruitment efforts."

-Carolina Madrigal, Head of Talent Acquisition at Mobilize.

The respective reviews showed our dedication towards helping our clients find the employees they need locally and internationally, as well as our commitment to delivering our promises throughout the entire recruitment process.

Thank you for your feedback and for Clutch for helping us reach new heights and a much wider scope for potential clients. Click here to find out more about us on our website!

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